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Ketamine Infusion is currently not covered by any insurance company.

Therefore, we do not submit to insurance company. We will fill out the necessary forms if you want reimbursement from insurance company after treatment.
Financing can be available through Advance Care

Our cost include personalized monitored care by board certified anesthesiologist.

Initial consultation and first treatment $475
Each one hour Infusion with standard dose for mental health $475

Patient needs to complete 6 series of infusion protocol for the lasting effect.

For chronic pain, the treatment protocol is customized according to patient’s condition.
Often, patients need over 2 hours of infusion with additional magnesium and lidocaine Infusion and zofran.

2 hour treatment session $800

IV Myer’s Cocktail of Magnesium,Vitamin B complex and high dose of Vitamin C $140

For patients enrolled in series of 6 infusion program, Vitamin treatment will be offered free of charge.